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Heard of Clubhouse? How to introduce audio to your marketing mix

Audio marketing is radio and podcasts, right? Well, yes, it is, but it’s also sound snippets, and a host of new social platforms such as Clubhouse, Twitter Spaces and the Spotify Greenroom. In fact ‘social audio’ includes any online and shareable live or pre-recorded conversation.

In a socially distanced world, audio has been gaining traction. There’s been a sense amongst consumers that we are experiencing a visual overload. Constant streams of video and still photographs have left people eager to dial back and take on information in a different format.  Audio feels very raw and therefore authentic to listeners; without being over edited, it can reveal the thoughts and ideas of real people talking about any number of topics. More than that, audio is faster. Faster to create, easier to access and ideal for people to listen to while they are on-the-go – whether that’s at work or out for a walk.

Starting up a new promotional channel might seem a tall ask when you’re already juggling email, social and print marketing, but read on, you might just decide it’s the perfect channel for your business.

Form closer customer connections

Surprisingly, the human voice can be more intimate when not accompanied by video or images. That intimacy can help you connect and relate with customers; by sharing your thoughts, ideas and stories aloud your listeners will feel more closely connected with your brand. Building a personal side to your brand isn’t always easy to do, especially on a budget – but if that’s your objective then audio can help you achieve it.

…and new business connections

Beyond connecting with customers, audio can provide the catalyst you need for building fresh business connections. Anecdotally, the use of Clubhouse has been referenced as being ideal for building such relationships; business deals have been made as a result of its use by brands.

So, if business expansion is on your cards, or you want to attract investment, consider joining Clubhouse. The platform is relatively new which makes now the ideal time to take part.

Lead the crowd

We just mentioned the fact that Clubhouse is a new platform, which means it isn’t overpopulated – yet. There are benefits to being a leader in a social space like this. With little competition, you have the chance to really stand out from the crowd and have your voice heard. Build up a following now, and when others join, your position will be hard to match. On the flip side, if you get on there and find that it’s not the right platform for your business, you can easily retreat without ‘losing face’.

Flexible medium

Clubhouse has come up a couple of times within this blog, but it’s not the only audio option available to you as a business. That’s one of the joys of audio, it’s flexibility and the number of applications available.

If you’re a burger restaurant and trade on the quality of the pattys you produce, then you could start a podcast series based around the humble burger. Cover topics relevant to your market of, go more leftfield by widening the topics but always having your guests eating one of your burgers while they chat. Alternatively, you could head to Clubhouse and talk with other local business owners. Position yourself as a supportive pillar within the community and you will generate good will while reaching your customers as well as your guests’.

How about using Twitter­­­­ Spaces to sit down for intimate conversations with loyal customers, broadcasting the results on the platform and across your other spaces?

For audio marketing to really hit home, your brand needs to know its audience. What do they want to hear about, what are their interests – but most important, do they listen to podcasts and engage with audio? If they don’t, then voice may not be the right avenue for you. Start by reviewing your strategy and customer personas and then decide – could audio provide an opportunity or not?