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Theravada invites you to demo Order Ahead

If there was one technology that hospitality businesses – from hotels through to restaurants – have found the most helpful for continuing to bring in revenue during COVID-19, it’s online ordering. But the benefits of Order Ahead won’t end when the pandemic does. No, if anything, the benefits and reasons for using the technology will continue to grow. 

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So what are these great benefits?

Online ordering gives customers the option to order and pay in advance of their visit, it accelerates the ordering process and ensures a smooth and easy customer journey. It is also contactless, reducing the need for staff/customer contact – hence one reason it’s been so popular with consumers in recent months. 

Its flexibility means businesses can make use of it whether they’re fully open to customers or restricted to takeaway only by pandemic restrictions. Because it  removes the need to queue, as well as time delays associated with paying in-store, the customers’ experience is optimised. The result is convenience during a busy day and happy, loyal customers.

The platform is what we call a ‘white label’. That means it can integrate with a company’s website and brand seamlessly, the customer won’t even know they’re not on the business’ main website if ordering via the web. Similarly, if using an app to order, the only brand they will see is the one they are ordering from. 

Another significant benefit for businesses – and one they won’t get from many other platforms – is the in-built management dashboard. From the dashboard, businesses can view and analyse all of their customer and spending data, applying the insights they discover to their marketing campaigns and menu refinements. Furthermore, from the dashboard they have full control over the appearance and operations of the platform. Unavailable stock can easily be removed from menus, preparation and collection slot times can be selected to suit and images can be applied and changed.

Loyalty is further enhanced through the use of personlised promotions and the platform’s in-built Push Notification feature. An add-on loyalty card lets customers collect stamps and encourages them to place higher orders, on a frequent basis. 

Perhaps because of the benefits listed above – and others – comes the greatest outcome of online ordering. When ordering and paying digitally, customers spend more and return frequently. The result is greater revenue potential and profits.  

If you want to see how the platform works in detail, and have the opportunity to ask your burning questions, sign up for one of our personal demonstrations.