digital display cabinets

Why it’s time to upgrade to digital display cabinets

Last year, Krispy Kreme’s new digital display cases were featured in retail and trade magazines across the country when Tesco introduced them to 140 of its stores. Tesco said the new installations had proved popular with shoppers, made the category easier to shop and attracted new customers to the doughnuts.

But beyond this simple description, why are digital display cabinets such a good investment for retailers and the brands featured in them? Let’s explore.

digital display cabinets
Krispy Kreme’s digital cabinets

1. They convert shoppers to buyers

Digital display cabinets are an excellent way of drawing customers’ attention to a specific item or brand without using aggressive selling methods. With clear plastic or glass casings and shelves, products stand out to those who are potentially buying. Combined with smart lighting and the sales messages or branding you choose to display, customers are sure to take notice.

2. They improve brand engagement

Digital displays can include sensors signalling for messaging to change as a consumer walks past. This can be used to increase the interactivity of the display cases, enhancing engagement and reinforcing brand recognition. Because the graphics aren’t static and can be changed with a trigger, or cycled through, the cases won’t lose their impact as quickly as a static display.

3. They give displayed produce a ‘premium’ feel

Digital display cabinets make it easy to create a consistent brand experience across stores. Their visuals can be created and distributed centrally, and with LED lights and sharp colours, they can be made as colourful and eye catching as the brand owners wants. Because of this, they elevate the product above those featured in traditional, static displays, giving customers a real ‘wow’ moment.

4. They provide ultimate convenience

When the sales process is straightforward, selling is easier – that’s why online ordering has become so popular in recent years; consumers love convenience. Display cases in general, not just digital ones, make choosing a product to buy simple. By adding a digital element, that convenience is taken up a notch as shoppers are able to access information, such as allergen details, without having to examine the small print on the product packaging.

5. They save money

Because the displays in digital cabinets are computer generated, there’s no need to engage a print graphic designer, manage a physical print run, book couriers or plan time for staff to switch old card displays out. This saves both capital and operational expenditure; with changeable logos and image headers, seasonal campaigns are easier to run and new offers or promotions can be created exhibited with speed. Tailored content can even be added to cabinets to match localised needs.

6. Digital displays are future proof

As mentioned, with digital displays, the images, text, logos and offers on display can be switched at the touch of a button. No matter how the brand evolves, the cabinets can be updated to show the latest information. Likewise, if a retailer is managing the cabinet, graphics can be amended to match products and brands should they be changed.

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