Improve the dining experience with DineTime®

Streamline front of house with operations

DineTime® is a front of house solution for restaurants, improving the dining experience by allowing more insight, more control, and more opportunities to create a great relationship with each and every customer that comes through the door.

DineTime® provides restaurant table management, a waitlist app and waitlist management, reservation management, as well as detailed analytics that makes the role of staff easier and businesses more efficient. Using the system, staff can accurately quote wait times to guests, collecting party information, and paging your guests via text 2-way messaging or Theravada’s pager solution. 

The tool lets operations managers streamline the front of house with custom, accurate floor plans and service staff management. Providing an overview of front-of-house activity, DineTime® can be used to manage staff shifts, rotations, and stations either automatically or manually. 

DineTime® additionally offers a consumer app letting customers book directly, seeing what availability there is. Further enhancing the customer experience, DineTime reminds businesses of subscribers’ special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries, as well as their favourite dishes.

Benefits of DineTime

Improve customer relationships with personalised marketing opportunities

Simplifies restaurant and table management tracking

Offer customers booking transparency

Gain greater control over

Streamline font-of-house operations