Order Ahead

Offer Order Ahead to create a premium customer experience

Accelerate the ordering process

COVID-19 has resulted in many unknowns, but operators know one thing: social distancing will be required and seating capacity limited for months to come. This means off-premise ordering will be a crucial revenue channel for businesses.

The Theravada Order Ahead solution provides businesses in the retail, hospitality and entertainment sectors with their own branded mobile and online ordering platforms. Giving customers the option to order and pay in advance of their visit, it accelerates the ordering process and ensures a smooth and easy customer journey. 

Facilitating collection or delivery, the mobile Order Ahead platform is available as an Android or iOS application, while online ordering can be integrated with any company website. Both are fully customisable, providing guests with a seamless, branded experience that results in larger basket sizes and greater revenue.

Granting full access to real-time customer and order data, businesses can develop a deeper understanding of their audience, and use that information to feed better their marketing campaigns and business decisions. Furthermore, full control over the ordering dashboard allows users to remove unavailable stock from menus, customise order preparation times and set the number of orders taken in a specified period. This flexibility protects in-store operations and ensures walk-in customers continue to receive a premium service. 

Enhancing the customer experience

Order Ahead allows customers the flexibility to place an order and pay at their leisure. By removing queues and friction from the in-store ordering process, businesses instantly improve the customers’ experience. Whether their customers are workers buying for collection during their regular commute, or families ordering their evening meal, the result is convenience during a busy day and happy, loyal customers.

Loyalty is further enhanced through the use of personlised promotions and the platform’s in-built Push Notification feature. An add-on loyalty card lets customers collect stamps and encourages them to place higher orders, on a frequent basis. 

Benefits of Solutions

More revenue: Quick service and hospitality restaurants experience a 20% uplift in spend per visit when technology is used to order. (Deloitte)

Better customer experience: Pre-ordering enables customers to skip queues and save time.

Improved efficiency: The Order Ahead solution streamlines kitchen operations, frees up staff and feeds into demand forecasting

Brand loyalty: The platform’s fully customisable interface keeps brands central to the customer experience.

Total control: The Order Ahead platform lets businesses manage everything themselves, in real-time, including menus and pricing.