Order at Table

Put control into the hands of the customer

All customer-facing interactions on one platform

Theravada’s Order at Table solution significantly impacts the food operations of businesses within the hospitality, retail and entertainment industries. Designed to transform the guest experience by putting all customer-facing interactions onto one platform, the end result is a noticeable boost in revenue.

The digital ordering technology puts the power of order and pay into the hands of the customer. As well as benefiting the customer experience, the solution simplifies in-store operations, improves ordering accuracy and encourages repeat visits. Generating valuable insights about customers from automated data capture, information gathered by Order at Table can be applied to marketing and loyalty programmes, driving personalisation and uptake. 

A robust solution that easily scales to meet a brand’s specific needs, businesses also have the flexibility to design the user journey around what best suits their customers. The business can choose to host the software through a web portal (without any download requirements) or integrate it with an existing mobile app; access to the web portal is easily achieved via QR code or NFC tag

Benefits of Order at Table

Flexible access options

Automates data capture

Encourages higher customer spend

Streamlines service operations

Promotes customer loyalty

Flexible to business size and scope