The Cloud

Flexible Cloud services to suit any business

Business services

Theravada provides robust and secure Cloud services, with flexible storage that saves businesses time and money. Whether seeking a fully outsourced, or a hybrid approach with some services left on-site, Theravada can advise, transition and provide ongoing support to help organisations take advantage of the Cloud’s benefits.

In addition, Theravada provides on-site services such as cabling and supplementary services including backups, penetration testing and software license management, ensuring companies are fully compliant with the licenses they require.

Customer Wi-Fi

The Cloud offers safe, accessible, and fast customer Wi-Fi for businesses. A fully scalable solution, it allows businesses to provide quality Wi-Fi in restaurants, cafes, hotels or in larger venues such as arenas, hospitals and shopping centres.

Providing visitor access data and tracking reports, Theravada’s Cloud Wi-Fi solution helps businesses get to know their customers better. An effective and reliable solution it promotes customer loyalty and contributes to a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. Furthermore, in meeting exceptional security standards, it removes liability risks associated with public use, for example, illegal downloads, and provides customers with safe on-line browsing. 

Benefits of The Cloud

Low capital expenditure

Easy maintenance and upgrades

Continuity of business (outages and staffing)

Secure IT services

Mobile access: anytime, anywhere

Elastic, scalable storage and computing power