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Guest Assistance button to simplify customer service

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Theravada’s Guest Assistance button, in combination with its smart watch pager is a simple, yet effective, solution allowing customers to request service through the simple pressing of a button. 

Guest Assistance button

When placed in high traffic areas of a venue, the technology provides a convenient way for customers to ask for service as needed. It additionally enables staff to multi-task, thereby saving on labour costs; once alerted, staff can respond immediately, while customers relax in the knowledge that assistance is on its way. 

Easy to maintain and install, the solution’s wireless and portable design, featuring a powerful radio signal transmits over a distance of 150 meters, lending to the product’s versatility. Each button can be wall-mounted, or fixed to a table, and comes with a single or multi-button option. Using a multi-button device, customers can specify the service needed, for instance, requesting the bill or ordering additional items.

Smart Watch pager

The Smart Watch pager alerts staff once a Guest Assistance button has been pressed. Each pager is programmed to receive requests from a specific area or set of tables, thereby streamlining the service. When the customer uses a multi-button, the pager will additionally notify the staff member which service has been requested.

An optional management screen can be used to record all alerts, giving management an overview of active requests.

Benefits of Assistance Button


Increased profits from quicker service and faster table turn


Allows for staff multi-tasking, increasing productivity


Discreet and simple for guests to use


Fast set-up with no costly installation

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