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Optimising staff communication

Theravada’s Gen2 software is a real time messaging solution that unifies a business’ communication channels by transmitting unique and pre-set messages as required

Through the Gen2 technology, a company’s entire messaging and alarm monitoring operations can be controlled and monitored; relevant staff can be instantly alerted in the event of an emergency. The technology connects to a broad range of devices and third-party systems, including staff pagers, guest assistance buttons, fire alarm and security systems as well as smartphone/tablets, two-way radios and lone worker pendants.

Ensuring optimum staff communication, Gen2 is a fully flexible and scalable solution, ideal for any sized business. The software can streamline a business’ entire operation, ensuring managers and employees have the information they need in an instant.

Benefits of GEN2


Multilingual and user-friendly technology


Complete transparency and reporting of critical events, include alarm and security systems


Flexible and scalable to fit any business


Unlimited programmable hot keys for setting defined pre-set messages

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