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Ensuring efficient customer service

The Theravada Guest Pagers are a simple yet effective communications tool, boosting productivity and increasing guest satisfaction. The solution consists of a charging station, a transmitter and the required number of pagers.

Businesses can ease congestion at reception by handing guests a pager while they wait for their room to be prepared, their restaurant table to be made ready, or an event to start, allowing them to roam freely or enjoy a drink at the bar. Once ready, the host can recall the customer through a simple, vibrating and flashing pager with an optional sound alert. 

Theravada Guest Pagers ensure customers are served efficiently, allowing staff to deliver a fast, smooth and customer-friendly service. Without visibly long queues, the venue atmosphere is improved, and guests feel relaxed and comfortable knowing they won’t miss being called. 

While waiting, businesses can invite guests to sit at a bar and enjoy the facilities, thereby increasing the profitability of the business.

Benefits of Guest Pagers


Reduction in front of house congestion


Informed, relaxed guests


Streamlined ordering processes and table bookings


Reduction in required staff and lowered overhead costs

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