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Facilitate payment while maintaining social distancing

Theravada’s Pay at Table solution answers a challenge faced by every food operator at the moment; how to facilitate payment whilst maintaining appropriate social distancing. 

Pay at Table allows guests to pay using their own device while sitting at their table and without the need for server interaction. Customers need simply scan a QR code or tap an NFC tag on the table to link their smart device to the payment merchant, safely and securely.

Because Theravada’s payment technology is web-based, there’s no requirement for customers to save an app to their dashboard or use memory space on their device; this convenience effectively removes any barrier to adoption. The contactless payment solution reassures staff and customers while streamlining front-of-house operations, eliminating chargebacks and improving the overall customer experience.

For brands that already have an existing mobile app, the software can be integrated using our SDK (Software Development Kit).

Benefits of Pay at Table


Removes the need for server contact with customers


Fast and secure payments


Convenient and easy to use


Stand-alone or integrated into existing apps

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