Restroom Management

Maintain and manage a clean restroom environment

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Creating a positive brand image

A guest’s perception of the cleanliness of a restroom has a considerable impact on their overall customer satisfaction; studies have shown that 95% of customers would avoid a restaurant where they previously had a negative restroom experience.

Theravada’s Restroom Attendant™ is an ideal solution for any business in the hospitality sector, including restaurants, hotels and bars in addition to larger venues such as malls and stadiums. The technology solution helps businesses maintain and manage a clean restroom environment, reflecting positively on their wider company brand. 

Restroom Attendant™ ensures restrooms are cleaned when needed by tracking guest traffic discreetly. A small and discreet device, it fits into venue décor unobtrusively. With over 400 metres signal range and a unique system ID to eliminate interference, operators can pre-set the number of visits required before alerts are made. Once that number is reached, the Restroom Attendant pager notifies staff that cleaning is required.

Benefits of Restroom Management


Quick setup and easy to use


Increased guest satisfaction


Maintains restrooms cleanliness


Saves capital expenditure on supplies


Gives staff the space to multi-task


Grouped staff alerts

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