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Theravada’s Waiter Call solution is an efficient kitchen communications solution which speeds up customer service, protects food quality and delivers cost benefits. 

An ideal solution for businesses in the hospitality sector, including restaurants, and quick service establishments, as well as hotel and stadium kitchen areas, chefs can instantly page serving staff when food orders are ready; if the pager is unanswered, the manager is alerted. Managers can also send out notifications to individuals, groups or to entire teams at the press of a button.

The Waiter Call solution comprises a transmitter, located in the food preparation area, and connected staff pagers. Kitchen staff simply press a button to call the relevant staff pager. The pager reacts with a discreet vibration, communicating that an order is ready to be collected.

Made from durable materials, water resistant polyurethane displays, and easy touch buttons, the Waiter Call transmitters are designed to withstand busy kitchen environments. Unique pager identifiers eliminate interference, and, with a site coverage of up to 3 km, the technology can be applied just as well in large environments as small ones. 

Benefits of Waiter Call


Efficient communication between chefs and waiters, ensuring food is picked up and served as soon as it’s ready


Streamlined operations; kitchen staff can concentrate on cooking rather than trying to get the attention of the serving staff


Increased table turnover resulting in improved profitability


Simple, fast setup


Enhanced customer service

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