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A versatile, cost-effective way of streamlining business operations

Theravada’s Staff Pager allows for instant contact between individuals or groups through a range of alphanumeric and digital pagers designed for discretion. 

With the staff pager solution, businesses can manage employees through instant messaging, enhancing productivity and cultivating an informed, service driven team that responds to customer requests and issues swiftly. The technology instantly enhances the customer experience by ensuring staff are alerted whenever their assistance is required.

Staff pagers are a versatile, cost-effective way of streamlining business operations; they allow for the quick and discreet contacting of security personnel, checking of stock, or requesting the attendance of a manager. They can also be used in conjunction with other products from Theravada’s range of communication solutions including Guest Assistance buttons and Restroom Attendant. 

Easy to set up and use, each Theravada Staff Pager consists of a charging unit and transmitter. The charging unit maximises battery life, without overcharging, ensuring each rechargeable battery lasts between 2-4 years. Reliable communication at all times is guaranteed, with a line of site coverage of over 3 km.

Theravada Lone Worker solution

When staff work alone, or at a distance from other team members, the Theravada Lone Worker solution keeps them safe in the knowledge that help is at hand if needed.

Around the neck or fixed on top of or under a desk, call buttons instantly alert other members of staff, security teams or remotely assigned people of your staff´s need for assistance.

Benefits of Staff pagers


Effective team management and communication


Enhanced customer satisfaction


Cost effective, fast setup and upkeep


Increased productivity


Alphanumeric or digital functionality with easy to read displays

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