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Maintaining constant contact within teams

Theravada’s range of two-way radios allow managers and roving staff to communicate, wherever they are, within a range of 100,000 square feet. With two-way radios, there’s no need to be static, managing operations from an office. The hardware is a simple yet effective solution, ideal when instant communication within an individual or an entire team is important.

Ideal for all communications, Theravada’s two-way radios can be used in scenarios from front-of-store staff requesting stock check and retrieval, to security teams monitoring shoplifters. Enabling discrete communication, as and when it is needed, the technology can be teamed with linked ear pieces. 

With exceptional audio clarity and quality of sound, Theravada’s two-way radios reduce miscommunications in times when fast action is required. Background noise suppression filters remove external sounds, even in larger sites, while the robust and lightweight materials together with a compact design make them reliable and convenient to use.

Benefits of Two-way Radios


Improved, streamlined customer experiences


Instant and discreetly contact between staff


Cost effective, fast set-up


Improved workflows enhancing staff productivity


Versatility in any setting

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