Technology that takes the stress out of healthcare

A fresh approach to patient care

Organisations in the healthcare industry face changes leading to both unique and global challenges. COVID-19, Government legislation and fresh technological innovations are all forcing operators to review the way they approach patient care. Standards are shifting and patient satisfaction is increasingly impacted by their wider environment, not just the treatment they receive.

Theravada provides healthcare and clinical services that offer patients an effortless, uncomplicated experience and that optimise staff productivity. With technology designed to enhance customer and employee communications, users can relax in the knowledge that appointments will run smoothly and that staff can be contacted as and when required.

Medical centres can be stressful places for patients; Theravada’s healthcare solutions optimise the patient journey, ensuring they feel supported and looked after.

Healthcare services

Healthcare services businesses can rely on to meet their individual needs.


First-class services provided by experienced professionals. Theravada offers services businesses can rely on to meet their individual needs.

Digital Signage

Convey key messages and promotions on visually striking displays

Digital Signage

Theravada’s Digital Signage solution is an electronic display platform that can be used to showcase products and convey key messages in-store.