Arming businesses for a Digital Transformation

Adapt, survive and thrive with Theravada’s technology solutions

Hospitality businesses have faced a disruptive few years; rising overheads, including staff costs, rent and consumables, intense competition and consolidation, and now a global pandemic. Businesses in this market have learned to adapt and evolve in order to survive, and Theravada is helping them do so.

Our market leading hospitality solutions include effective software and services for food and drink operators in hotels, restaurants, shopping centres and stadiums, among others. As these businesses navigate the most recent industry challenges, we’re helping them manage internal and guest communication, optimise staff productivity, and transform operations to meet new health and safety standards.

Supporting business management

Supporting these and all other aspects of business management, Theravada’s technology, including everything from kitchen automation to customer Wi-Fi, creates environments that boost staff efficiency, increases profit margins and contributes to greater customer service.

As businesses re-open their doors, the importance of the customer journey shouldn’t be underestimated. Theravada’s brand enhancing and customer experience solutions create stronger revenue streams and lead to improved, longterm guest loyalty.

Digital Signage

Convey key messages and promotions on visually striking displays

Digital Signage

Theravada’s Digital Signage solution is an electronic display platform that can be used to showcase products and convey key messages in-store.

The Cloud

Secure, accessible, and fast customer Wi-Fi for hospitality businesses

The Cloud

Theravada provides robust and secure Cloud services, with flexible storage that saves businesses time and money.

Digital ordering

Own brand mobile and online ordering applications that deepen customer insight

Order Ahead

Order Ahead provides businesses in the retail, hospitality and entertainment sectors with their own branded mobile and online ordering platform

Order at Table

Order at Table significantly impacts the food operations of businesses within the hospitality, retail and entertainment industries.

Drive Thru

Theravada’s end-to-end Drive Thru solution consists of technologies that satisfy those concerns whilst granting customers rapid access to the brands they love


Kiosks give customers more choice and flexibility in how they order, pay and receive their food.

Customer tracking

Location based solutions that eliminate wait time and enhance the dining experience

Table Service

Theravada provides the optimal Table Service Solution for the customer’s needs in the hospitality, retail and entertainment sectors.

Kitchen management

Streamlined kitchen operations and communication solutions that improve service and food production.

ConnectSmart® Kitchen

ConnectSmart® Kitchen reduces ticket times, speeds up food preparation, increases food quality, business profitability and staff efficiency.