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Theravada’s network of service centres across the UK, Europe and Africa provides brand enhancing solutions and services that grant the end consumer with a premier guest experience, boost business productivity, communication and ultimately, revenue.


Create strong revenue streams and improve guest loyalty.

Theravada’s brand enhancing and customer experience solutions help businesses generate strong revenue streams and boost guest loyalty. Our solutions provide effective software and services to clients, including hotels, restaurants, shopping centres and stadiums.

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Take the stress out of the patient journey

Organisations in the healthcare industry face unique and global challenges. Theravada provides healthcare and clinical services that offer patients an effortless, uncomplicated experience while enhancing staff productivity. Our solutions are used to optimise patient journeys, ensuring they feel supported and looked after at all times.

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Streamline business operations with unique software solutions

In a competitive landscape, customer loyalty is essential for the survival of retailers. From small boutique shops to large shopping complexes, Theravada’s solutions make it easy to simplify the every-day running of retail businesses.

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Transform guests into brand advocates

Theravada’s entertainment industry solutions are used by venues around the world for situations including communication, crowd control and security management.

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