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The entertainment industry has suffered more than most since the COVID-19 pandemic and it remains unclear when rules will relax enough to allow the industry to restart. When venues do reopen, organisations will face similar challenges to other public-facing sectors, that is social distancing, health and safety and economic uncertainty.

Essential to surviving and future growth is preparation; Theravada’s entertainment industry solutions can be used by venues around the world to improve staff and guest communication, crowd control and security management.

Capture customer loyalty

Whether it be for urgent cleaning, management issues or controlling social distancing, the Theravada communication solutions will help coordinate your teams, while our digital displays will allow you convey key messages and promotions to guests in a way that resonates. 

When an audience feels passionate about their experience, they will carry the story with them and relate it to others. Theravada’s brand enhancing and customer experience solutions will make it easier to recapture the loyalty you need to transform guests into brand advocates.

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