Service Desk

Understanding your unique challenges

Support that’s always there

Every business and every industry faces its own set of challenges; right now those challenges are greater than usual. Social distancing, health, safety and security concerns brought about by COVID-19, as well as a consumer demand for greater experiences, personalised engagement and faster services, is placing more pressure than ever before on brands.

At Theravada, our extensive experience in the retail, hospitality, healthcare and entertainment markets means we bring a detailed understanding of your market – and unique challenges – to the services we provide.

A single point of contact

The Theravada Service Desk provides a single point of contact, taking ownership through to resolution for all incidents logged. Each logged ticket is assigned a priority based on pre-agreed definitions with an SLA level and targets for response and resolution.

The service includes the management of all hardware and warranties and a proactive monitoring and alerting service, informing us of potential issues and allowing them to be resolved before they can impact your business and customers.

We focus not just on call resolution, but on call reduction with straightforward, concise communications and management reporting.

Theravada’s in-house service desk offers:

  • Customer defined SLAs
  • Proactive monitoring and management
  • Escalation management
  • Management reporting and reviews
  • Asset management and warranty renewals
  • Management of software licenses and subscription renewals

The Service Desk is available to customers during the agreed core service hours for incident, problem and change management.