Ambient Digital Cabinets

Ambient Digital Cabinets

Theravada Solutions builds, deploys and supports the Award Winning, Krispy Kreme Digital Cabinet.

Widely deployed in over 350 supermarkets and retail outlets across the UK and ROI the ‘Gen8’ was designed to elevate the customer experience, drive sales and showcase the brand – it has become a cornerstone of the Krispy Kreme brand and retail solution.

Developed as a completely bespoke solution the Gen8 was initiated with a series of design concepts that captured the client ambition. Mock ups were built to demonstrate accessibility and ease of maintenance.  Following an initial single cabinet prototype, the solution scaled to 25 to fully assess impact and ROI. This first stage was completed in 2021.

Since this point the product has been enhanced through extensive learnings, evolved into two different sizes (optimising ROI for different supermarket deployment locations) and is now a core component of the Krispy Kreme brand and retail solution deployed in supermarkets and service stations across the K and ROI.

The cabinet is designed to operate at an ambient temperature.

Digital SEL’s, (shelf edge labels) are a core part of the solution and have proven to be a great success. Presence sensors allow us to reliably determine when a customer is dwelling in front of the device such that we switch between appealing display content, to more specific product info, allergens and prices.

Digital headers allow promotional product information and content to be displayed but also events to be managed such as Halloween, Valentines, Christmas, Easter, Mothers and Fathers Days.

Adjustable LED lights located in the base of the cabinet, are a subtle addition that brings warmth, and supports some of the relevant marketing campaigns.

Our preferred CMS, from our partner Embed, offers tremendous flexibility and fully supports advance scheduling of content, conditional play, external widgets and dynamic data.

‘There are huge opportunities to surprise and delight our customers at the point of purchase’ Sales Director Krispy Kreme

‘The Gen8 Cabinet has rewarded Krispy Kreme with unprecedented sales and revenue’ Content Executive, Krispy Kreme

Theravada provide all services to Krispy Kreme, from supply to deployment, to remote support and onsite engineering.  As with all digital solutions provided by Theravada, the equipment is securely deployed through our private 4G network.