Digital Food To Go Cabinets

Digital Food To Go Cabinets

The UK food to go market is set to see a net increase of +1,397 sites in 2023F, led by retail segments. Leading operators in the food to go market including Greggs, Pret A Manger and McDonald’s are continuing to expand outlets, targeting more drive- thru, travel hub and high street locations.

Food to go expected to hold a 23.9% total market share in 2026F. The food to go market is expected to outpace growth seen in the wider eating out market fuelling share growth. Key drivers include further physical expansion of key food to go players, broadening availability across different day-parts and omnichannel propositions whilst transient lifestyles are set to endure.

Source: Lumina Intelligence Market Report 2023

Theravada – A Wealth of Experience

Theravada Solutions is a market leader in the design, supply and support of Digital Food to Go Cabinets

Our range of offerings cover:

  • Ambient
  • Chilled
  • Temperature Controlled
  • Hot Holding

Digital Cabinets may be:

  • Totally Bespoke
  • Built into existing vendor Cabinets

Our credibility in this space is derived from our extensive learnings over several years, during which time we have:

  • Built and deployed in excess of 400 Digital Cabinets across the UK and ROI, located in most major supermarkets
  • Worked in partnership with major international brands such as Krispy Kreme, Warburtons, Huel, Eat Happy and many others
  • Invested in developing unique Digital technology that can operate in the more demanding world of Hot Holding (which typically causes major issues with digital displays) and Temperature Controlled devices
  • Built a scalable and secure platform onto which all digital devices are deployed – enabling remote diagnostics, enhanced security and effective content delivery
  • Provide continuous help desk and monitoring of devices to ensure all remain fully operational
  • Provide a nationwide engineering service to rapidly rectify any issues that cannot be rectified remotely
  • Provide a completely accountable solution from end to end, including content management and if required content creation

Why Digitise Food To Go?

The answer is simple. To elevate the customer experience, to better inform the customer, to highlight great deals, to showcase new products, to engage in a way that builds loyalty, drives sales and develops greater brand identity.

Existing Food to Go cabinets whilst growing significantly in their presence, lack impact.

Opportunities to promote new products, run instant price promotions, share important brand messages about sourcing and sustainability that matter to the consumer, deliver a focus on ‘day part’ products and promotions, is virtually impossible. Digital changes all of this.

As consumer demand continues to push new expectations, the opportunity to showcase and clearly identify various segmented product types such as dairy free, gluten free, vegan or plant based is an opportunity to drive revenue. Digital can ensure absolute success.

Legislation is continuously changing and retailers need to know they can meet these evolving needs. Our solutions, enable product information to be digitally displayed meaning that changes to allergens, nutritional values, ingredients and calorific data, can be maintained centrally and updated on a single device, across a store or across the entire estate (region or country) at the press of a button.  This also delivers cost reduction, as the need to maintain and continuously update packaging and analogue tickets is obsolete.

Contact us today and let us discuss how easily Digital can be deployed and the immense possibilities it creates to impact and elevate your in-store customer Food To Go experiences, beyond those of your competitors.

Digital Food To Go cabinets

We have a range of cabinets for Ambient, Chilled, Temperature Controlled and Hot Holding environments

Ambient Digital Cabinets

Ambient Cabinets

Temperature Controlled Digital Cabinets

Temperature Controlled Cabinets

Chilled Digital Cabinets

Chilled Digital Cabinets

Hot Holding Digital Cabinets

Hot Holding Digital Cabinets

Benefits of Solutions

Boosts sales revenues

Creates immediate impact and attention

Drives brand visibility, values and messaging

Engages the customer and delivers critical customer information in an effective and efficient way

Provides multiple promotional and advertising opportunities

Eliminates the cost and logistical challenges of managing analogue tickets

Helps amplify defined products

Creates impact with new launches

Never gets outdated, content and presentation can always evolve with the brand