Hot Holding Digital Cabinets

Hot Holding Digital Cabinets

Theravada is delighted to launch its first Digital solution for Hot Holding.

The Technology used for these displays has been specifically designed and developed to our requirements. They feature modified TFT IPS screen technology that has been developed to meet the environmental challenges of Hot Holding.

To demonstrate the solution we have digitised the extremely popular Counterline EHF600, which will be presented for the first time at the Retail Technology Show at Olympia. This solution can be adopted in several different configurations (with or without shelf edges, headers, sensors).

This technology and the solution presented can be modified to meet other cabinet dimensions and requirements. If you utilise other products, please do not hesitate to ask if we can meet these needs. We believe this is a unique technology solution.

Of equal importance are our credentials with Digital Cabinets.

We years of learning and a track record of building, deploying and supporting Digital Cabinets within the retail and hospitality sector. This enables us to leverage all of the existing learnings, many assets, infrastructure and services. We know how to do this, from end to end and in a very reliable and secure way.

The digital shelf edges can each be pre-programmed to accommodate from 1 to 4 different products across the cabinet.

Each has the ability to show a crystal clear digital image of the product and typically shows price and allergen information (although this is entirely customisable).

The digital header provide a great platform for brand advertising, new product promotions and event marketing.

Sensors help engagement and allow us to deploy content that is triggered by the customer, allowing a more immersive and interactive experience. These may also be used to capture analytical insights or act as a central repository to monitor temperatures and operational status.

Every cabinet is deployed into a secure private 4G network that serves to deliver high levels of security, content distribution and remote diagnostics.

Theravada provides nationwide engineering services to support all deployed cabinets.