Kitchen Display Systems

Automated Kitchen Systems to streamline back of house

Automate Your Kitchen

Automated Kitchen Systems to streamline back of house, drive efficiency and raise the customer experience.

Benefits of Kitchen Display Systems

Improve Customer Service Times

Reduce Wastage

Increase Order Accuracy

Capture Detailed Analytics

Improve Customer Experience

Optimize ATV

Implement Greater Resilience

Kitchen management

Streamlined kitchen operations and communication solutions that improve service and food production.

ConnectSmart® Kitchen

ConnectSmart® Kitchen reduces ticket times, speeds up food preparation, increases food quality, business profitability and staff efficiency.


DineTime® is a front of house solution for restaurants, improving the dining experience by allowing more insight, more control, and more customer opportunities

Table Service

Theravada provides the optimal Table Service Solution for the customer’s needs in the hospitality, retail and entertainment sectors.

Waiter Call

Waiter Call is an efficient kitchen communications solution which speeds up customer service, protects food quality and delivers cost benefits.