Digital Signage

Modern, relevant signage, in line with customer expectations

Help customers make their choices, fast

Theravada’s Digital Signage solution is an electronic display platform that can be used to showcase products, services and convey key messages and promotions to customers in-store. Not only does Theravada provide the software to manage your digital content we also design and manufacture bespoke digital screens.

Businesses in retail, hospitality entertainment and healthcare can all benefit from using digital signage. In an age where print ads have lost power, and the cost of client acquisition is increasingly expensive, this is a solution that helps businesses stand out from the crowd. With it, they engage with more customers, and gain an advantage over competitors.

Quality digital signage is seen as modern, relevant and in line with today’s customer expectations. The Theravada Digital Signage solution provides all that is needed to kickstart a digital customer experience: hardware, software, installation, ongoing support, content management and if required, also content creation.

Digital Menu Boards

With Digital Menu Boards, businesses can be safe in the knowledge that pricing is up-to-date and out-of-stock situations managed. With the ability to manage the technology centrally, across all outlets, operators can ensure consistency across their brand. 

Ideal for promoting and upselling items, Digital Menu Boards help customers make their choices fast. Speeding up queues and generating higher margins for businesses; Digital Menu Boards have demonstrated revenue increases of up to 20%. 

All Theravada’s digital signage solutions are manufactured to withstand extreme conditions. From outdoor enclosures, with the challenges of moisture and freezing temperatures, to robust indoor cabinets with which the public have direct interaction, they do so without compromising design or performance. 

Benefits of Solutions

Boosted revenues

Attracts attention better than static signs

Increases brand visibility

Delivers critical information, efficiently

Improves staff productivity

Grants instant control over messages and advertising

Eliminates the cost and waiting time compared to printing

Increased recall and retention rates