Store & Hospitality Solutions

Store & Hospitality Solutions

In-store solutions

Theravada provide complete end-to-end Digital Store Solutions from design to delivery and ongoing support.

We work with various retail and hospitality companies to deliver engaging customer experiences coupled with innovative, productive and efficient digital operations.

Often engaged at the point of planning and construction, we provide consulting support around data and electrical cabling and design the network and infrastructure solution. We discuss the digital experience and define solutions that fully meet the need. We work closely with all parties to ensure complete success at the first attempt.

Our services include:

CCTV – We carry out detailed surveys and work with the client to ensure all required area’s are covered. Once scope it confirmed, our team will implement and monitor and support.

POS – Theravada have partnered with a number of leading POS suppliers including Oracle Simphony, which we recently deployed in 130 site across the UK & Ireland including PDA, Peds. All kit was pre-staged at Theravada and deployed using our trained engineers.

Structured Cabling – We work with our partners in the planning stages to ensure all work is completed in accordance with technical requirements and carried out in the most cost effective and efficient way.

Corporate & Guest WiFi – Theravada have a range of products and services, where surveys are carried out and suitable products are used based on the customer needs. these can include advanced analytics features, integration with POS and social media enabling, network segregation away from corporate traffic, content filtering, bandwidth throttling, targeted corporate advertising and special offers to guests.

Digital Signage – Theravada provide a wide range of solutions, from video walls to custom designed screens. Windows displays, specialised solution for shelf edges, screens that have been specifically designed for both hot and cold environment. These are all remotely managed and fully supported and driven from our cloud based CMS (Content Management Software). We can also help with content design and production if required.

Table Service Solutions – Theravada has deployed Table Service Solutions in large Quick Service restaurants across Europe.

Kitchen Display systems – Theravada is QSR Automations primary partner in the UK and other select regions. We build, deploy and support the worlds leading retail and hospitality solution. As with all Theravada Services this is supported end to end including required dataset, configuration, POS integration staging, user training deployment and support.

Kiosk – Theravada have a number kiosk solutions to suit any instore requirements, which include receipt printing and payment terminals. We would manage all integrations with any other 3rd party system as required.

Hot & Cold Digital Display Cabinets – Theravada provide a range of solutions, which can be found on this site.

Drive Thru & Click and Collect – We have a number of leading Drive Thru and Click & Collect solutions, ranging from full customised order point, menu totems, lightboxes and customer analytics to re-purposing of car parks and similar spaces, that can be utilised for Geo-located click and collect areas.