Temperature Controlled Digital Cabinets

Temperature Controlled Digital Cabinets

Theravada builds Temperature Controlled Digital Cabinets.

Whether its for Sushi or one of the many other delicacies that are better served at a specific temperature Theravada is able develop a solution to meet the need.

We can develop concepts specifically to meet a preferred refrigeration product (the Eat Happy Sushi cabinet is built around an Osciatelle refrigerated unit) or provide a complete end to end solution based on your specification.

Like all cabinets designed and built by Theravada, the solution is provided with immense flexibility and multiple configurations.

All cabinets features technology designed for the application and specifically able to deal with the environmental requirements. With temperature controlled units the integrity of the solution is critical to ensuring these parameters are sustained. We apply a lot of time to proving that temperatures are unaffected. Indeed we can provide remote monitoring for multiple devices that can act as a customer dashboard.

The digital shelf edges can each be pre-programmed to accommodate from 1 to multiple different products across the cabinet. Shelf edge sizes can vary depending on the requirements to be delivered.

Each has the ability to show a crystal clear digital image of the product and typically shows price and allergen information (although this is entirely customisable).

The digital header provide a great platform for brand advertising, new product promotions and event marketing.

Sensors help engagement and allow us to deploy content that is triggered by the customer, allowing a more immersive and interactive experience. These may also be used to capture analytical insights.

Every cabinet is deployed into a secure private 4G network that serves to deliver high levels of security, content distribution and remote diagnostics.

Theravada provides nationwide engineering services to support all deployed cabinets.