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Helping brands adapt to the ‘new normal’

As restrictions on businesses and movement begin to lift, stringent controls will remain in place for many months, perhaps years. For operators in every sector, that means placing fresh emphasis on health and safety in order to attract custom and encourage trust. Adapting to the ‘new normal’ brands will have to ensure guests and staff can, and do, comply with evolving legal requirements of physical distancing. 

Changes will need to be implemented throughout a business; back-of-house, employees must be provided with the tools and space they need to work safely, while front-of-house efforts should be made to reassure guests and maintain a positive customer experience. Brands will need to optimise their space, ease the ordering process and restrain overcrowding, all while finding ways to maximise their revenue.

Theravada’s suite of communication, contactless ordering and payment technologies makes your business transformation an easy one, helping you return to profitability and grow your brand while protecting staff and customers alike. 

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