Theravada provides information technology that brings peace of mind to brands, providing products, software and services that enhance the perception of your business and increase its viability in its market.

Inspiring technology that empowers and engages

Whether seeking to respond to market demands, driving efficiency through outsourced services, adapting to the ‘new normal’ or building IT solutions that put our clients two steps ahead, Theravada is a technology partner companies can rely on for end-to-end consulting, product and service design, delivery and support.


Services all businesses can rely on

Whether it’s professional services, engineering, IT infrastructure or the Cloud, Theravada’s highly skilled and experienced service team brings innovative thinking to the design, installation and management of business solutions.


A strong portfolio of innovative business solutions

Theravada’s technology solutions are used by businesses to generate loyalty, increase employee productivity and create efficient operations. Helping operators stand out from the crowd, our technology creates unforgettable customer experiences and boosts brand power.

Digital Food To Go cabinets

We have a range of cabinets for Ambient, Chilled, Temperature Controlled and Hot Holding environments

Ambient Digital Cabinets

Ambient Cabinets

Temperature Controlled Digital Cabinets

Temperature Controlled Cabinets

Chilled Digital Cabinets

Chilled Digital Cabinets

Hot Holding Digital Cabinets

Hot Holding Digital Cabinets

Benefits of Solutions

Boosts sales revenues

Creates immediate impact and attention

Drives brand visibility, values and messaging

Engages the customer and delivers critical customer information in an effective and efficient way

Provides multiple promotional and advertising opportunities

Eliminates the cost and logistical challenges of managing analogue tickets

Helps amplify defined products

Creates impact with new launches

Never gets outdated, content and presentation can always evolve with the brand