Bring menus and brands to life with Kiosks

Bust the queue with Kiosks

As COVID-19 recedes and infection fears decrease, kiosks will give customers more choice and flexibility in how they order, pay and receive their food. It will remain an important way of serving modern customers beyond this crisis – especially now they’ve become accustomed to digital ordering services.

Theravada’s queue-busting kiosks let customers browse, order and pay using digital content and screens that bring menus and brands to life.

Transform the customer experience, streamline operations and reduce pressure on busy staff with an eye-catching, high definition, visually rich self-service experience. Theravada provides the fastest way to roll out a highly scalable self-order and pay kiosk solutions. Our expertise in user experience design incorporates powerful up sell and cross sell features that deliver real results. 

Benefits of Kiosks

Improve customer buying experience

Reduce cost of front-of-house operations

Gain efficiency through diverse applications

Reduce queues and streamline ordering

Enhance brand with quality digital screens