Embrace the future with Theravada’s Engineering Services

Revolutionise your operations with Theravda’s Engineering services. Our team specialises in creating robust, scalable engineering solutions tailored to support and enhance your business processes.

From system architecture to technology integration, we build the engineering backbone that drives your business forward, ensuring reliability, security, and innovation at every step.

Asset Management and Deployment

Theravda offers extensive asset management services, including storage, tracking, and deployment.

Our services ensure that your equipment is configured, tested, and ready for use, reducing downtime and increasing efficiency.

Surveys and Assessments

We conduct comprehensive surveys and assessments to ensure that all installations meet your specific requirements.

Our detailed evaluations help us provide tailored solutions that enhance your infrastructure’s performance and reliability.

Certifications and Safety Compliance

Theravda’s engineering services adhere to strict safety and quality standards.

Our team is certified in asbestos awareness, QTB site safety, CSCS, and manual handling, ensuring that all projects are completed safely and efficiently.

Installation &


At Theravda, we understand the critical importance of a smooth transition during the installation and deployment of IT systems.

Our approach integrates cutting-edge practices in system architecture and infrastructure design, ensuring that your installations and deployments are not just seamless but also scalable and future-proof.

By leveraging automation and DevOps strategies, we minimise downtime and enhance operational efficiency, enabling a transformational change within your IT ecosystem.

CCTV and Communication Installations

We specialise in the installation of CCTV systems and communication networks, ensuring secure and effective surveillance and communication across your premises.

Our solutions are tailored to meet the specific needs of each client, providing peace of mind and operational efficiency.

Digital Signage

Our digital signage installations enhance brand visibility and customer engagement.

We provide comprehensive solutions from video walls to interactive displays, all managed through a centralised system for ease of use and consistency.

Drive-Thru Deployment and Installations

We offer end-to-end drive-thru solutions, including installation and maintenance.

Our services ensure that your drive-thru operations run smoothly, providing a seamless experience for your customers.

Cabinet Installations

We offer professional cabinet installation and management services, ensuring that your IT equipment is housed securely and efficiently.

Our team handles everything from initial setup to ongoing maintenance, providing a reliable foundation for your IT infrastructure.

Networking Installations

We specialise in the installation of CCTV systems and communication networks, ensuring secure and effective surveillance and communication across your premises.

Our solutions are tailored to meet the specific needs of each client, providing peace of mind and operational efficiency.

POS Installation Services

Theravda provides comprehensive Point of Sale (POS) installation services, ensuring that your sales operations are efficient and reliable.

Our certified engineers handle everything from pre-staging equipment to on-site installation and testing.

Quick Service Restaurant Installations

We specialise in installations for quick service restaurants, including kitchen display systems and digital menu boards.

Our solutions are designed to optimise both front-of-house and back-of-house operations, enhancing service speed and accuracy.

Video Wall Installations

Our video wall installations provide stunning visual displays for various environments.

We use certified engineers from Samsung to ensure high-quality installation and performance.

Project Management

Our engineering services are anchored by our superior project management capabilities.

Leveraging the latest methodologies in agile and lean project management, our skilled project managers ensure that your IT projects are executed flawlessly, from the drawing board to real-world deployment.

We focus on maximising efficiency, reducing time-to-market, and ensuring that projects are aligned with your strategic business goals, thereby delivering value at every step of the project lifecycle.

Tailored Solutions

In the realm of engineering services, one size does not fit all.

Our bespoke solutions are crafted with precision, tailored to meet the specific needs of your business.

From custom software development to specialised network configurations, our solutions are designed to innovate and transform your IT infrastructure.

Our engineering team employs a consultative approach, leveraging emerging technologies to develop solutions that not only solve today’s challenges but also anticipate future trends.

Expertise in



Our engineering prowess is underpinned by our deep domain expertise across a spectrum of cutting-edge technologies.

From cloud computing and cybersecurity to data analytics and artificial intelligence, our team holds advanced certifications and participates in continuous learning programmes to stay ahead of technological advancements.

This relentless pursuit of knowledge enables us to offer comprehensive solutions that leverage the latest in tech innovation, driving efficiency, security, and competitive advantage for your business.

Commitment to Improvement

At Theravda, we are relentless in our pursuit of excellence and continuous improvement.

Our engineering services are constantly refined through feedback loops, performance analytics, and industry benchmarking.

This commitment to ongoing enhancement ensures that we not only meet but exceed your expectations, delivering engineering solutions that are at the forefront of technological innovation and best practices.


Resources &

On-site Support

With an extensive network of highly skilled professionals spread across the nation, Theravda is uniquely positioned to offer unparalleled engineering services and on-site support to businesses regardless of their geographical location.

Our nationwide reach allows us to mobilise quickly and efficiently, providing you with the expertise you need, when you need it.

This ensures prompt service delivery but also enhances our ability to understand local market dynamics and regulatory requirements, offering a truly tailored service experience.

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