A Complete Drive-Thru Solution

Elevate the drive-thru experience with Theravada’s comprehensive digital solutions. From branded totems to world leading analytics, we provide an end-to-end solution.

Our drive-thru technology allows for rapid, contactless service that customers have come to expect from their favourite quick service establishments.

Customisation and Branding

Drive Thru Digital Menu Boards double as promotional screens and menu displays, providing a professional touch to customer interactions. Theravada tailors these solutions to match your brand’s aesthetic, from custom-designed boards with your logos and colours to simpler, yet effective off-the-shelf models.

Entryway Promotion Boards

Elevate your shopfront with our custom-designed Entryway Promotion Boards. These boards serve as the first point of engagement, enticing customers with dynamic displays of promotions, deals, and brand messaging, creating a welcoming and informative entrance to your business.

Audio and Camera Systems

Enhance security and customer interaction with our integrated Audio and Camera Systems. Designed for both surveillance and communication, these systems ensure a safe, monitored environment while facilitating clear audio announcements and interactions, keeping your operations secure and customer-friendly.

Dual Menu Boards

Revolutionize your menu displays with our Dual Menu Boards. Ideal for quick-service restaurants, these boards offer a versatile platform to showcase menu items, special offers, and nutritional information, enabling easy updates and engaging presentations to streamline customer choices and boost sales.

Speaker Posts

Optimize your drive-thru with our high-quality Speaker Posts. Engineered for clarity and durability, these posts ensure smooth, understandable communication between customers and staff, speeding up order-taking processes and enhancing the overall customer service experience.
Timing Systems:

Timing Systems

Our advanced Timing Systems are key to improving service efficiency. By tracking order times from placement to pickup, these systems provide valuable data to optimize workflows, reduce wait times, and enhance customer satisfaction, ensuring your business operates like a well-oiled machine.

Car Detectors

Innovate your drive-thru service with our responsive Car Detectors. These systems signal the arrival of vehicles, triggering menus and service protocols to ensure readiness and swift service. By integrating car detectors, you streamline operations, minimizing wait times and elevating the customer experience.

Solutions for Every Space

For businesses without the space for a traditional drive-thru, Theravada’s Drive-To solution is an innovative alternative.

It utilizes drive-thru components in designated bays where guests can place orders through a speaker post or be served by staff alerted via a car detector.

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