Reassure customers and generate revenue with

Clean, contactless ordering and collection

Recent events have changed the mindset of customers, perhaps forever. The experience they’re looking for from their favourite Casual Dining and Quick Service Restaurants is not the same as it once was; health, security and value-for-money are now firmly front-of-mind.

Theravada’s end-to-end Drive Thru solution consists of technologies that satisfy those concerns whilst granting customers rapid access to the brands they know and love. Perfect for people on-the-go, the solution offers businesses a way of serving guests quickly, without the need for any physical interaction.

A complete solution

From entryway Promotion Boards, Speaker Posts and Dual Menu Boards to Audio Systems, Car Detectors and optional Timing Systems, Theravada offers everything a brand needs to build a complete Drive Thru experience. No longer a solution just for enterprise fast-food businesses, Drive Thru can benefit casual dining and quick-service establishments alike; those adding the solution will find it to be an instant revenue generator.

The Drive Thru Digital Menu Boards are designed to be utilised as both promotional screens at a Drive Thru entrance and also in conjunction with basic speaker posts, showing an outlet’s menu items and pricing. The hyperconnected solution gives customers the reassurance they need to feel they are being handled in a professional manner. Whether businesses desire custom designed boards, incorporating logos and brand colours, or simpler off-the-shelf models, Theravada can provide solutions to their needs. 

If an outlet does not have room for a Drive Thru, but has dedicated parking, Theravada’s Drive-To solution is a great alternative, offering the convenience of an in-car experience to guests. Utilising components from the Drive Thru solutions, guests simply drive to designated Drive-To bays, where they can order via a speaker post. Alternatively restaurants might choose to install a car detector, letting staff know when to come and take customers orders via a tablet or other suitable device.

Benefits of Drive Thru

Drive Thru transactions are cheaper than in-store transactions

The Drive Thru Timing Solution offers essential data for optimising business operations

Customers feel safe without the need for face-to-face interaction

Brand integrity is boosted through personalised board graphics

Boost revenue with faster order management