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As the food-to-go market is projected to grow significantly, our solutions provide a dynamic platform for showcasing products, promotions, and engaging customers more effectively. These cabinets enhance product visibility and customer engagement, offering a sleek, modern look that draws attention. By incorporating digital technology, you can display vibrant images and videos, showcasing your offerings in the best light.

This not only improves the aesthetic appeal of your store but also makes it easier for customers to make informed decisions, driving sales and increasing satisfaction.

Brand Storytelling

Communicate your brand’s values, such as sustainability, local sourcing, and freshness, through dynamic digital screens.

This storytelling builds a stronger connection with your customers, enhancing brand loyalty and setting you apart from competitors.

Seasonal Offers & Promotions

Engage your customers with timely promotions for seasonal offers and special events. Our digital displays allow for quick and easy updates, keeping your marketing efforts fresh and relevant.

This flexibility helps attract and retain customers by offering them something new and exciting.

Discover Our Options

Theravada offers a range of Digital Food To Go Cabinets designed to meet diverse needs, including Ambient for non-perishable items, Hot Holding for keeping food warm and ready-to-eat, Chilled for chilled products and drinks, and Controlled for precise climate control of specialty products. These cabinets enhance product visibility, support dynamic content updates, and improve customer engagement and marketing.

Designed for products that require room temperature storage, our Ambient Digital Cabinets are perfect for showcasing non-perishable food items. These cabinets feature state-of-the-art digital displays for advertising, promotions, and product information, enhancing the visibility and appeal of your offerings.

Our Hot Holding Digital Cabinets are engineered to keep prepared food items at safe, ready-to-eat temperatures without compromising quality. These cabinets not only preserve the warmth and freshness of your food offerings but also feature digital displays for menu items, pricing updates, and nutritional information, making them perfect for on-the-go meals and quick service.

Ideal for a range of chilled products and especially drinks, these cabinets provide a vibrant, fresh and appealing solution. Whilst maintaining the product at optimal temperatures, dynamic digital interfaces allow for engaging customer interactions and attention grabbing promotions

For items requiring specific temperature ranges, our Temperature Controlled Digital Cabinets offer precise climate control. This versatility ensures that fresh or speciality products are displayed under ideal conditions, paired with digital screens for effective communication and marketing.

Modular, Customisable Design

Our Digital Food To Go Cabinets offer extensive customisation options to meet your evolving needs. Choose from full cabinet brand wraps, headers, and digital shelf edges to ensure your displays align with your brand’s aesthetic. Integrate sensors and AI to optimize product information and drive promotions, enhancing customer engagement. Tailor content to highlight product details and special offers, elevating the customer experience and boosting revenue. This flexibility ensures a cohesive and attractive presentation that adapts to your specific requirements.

Digital Headers

Customise your digital cabinets with eye-catching headers that captivate and attract customers. These prominent elements can be tailored to reflect your brand’s aesthetic, showcasing promotional messages and essential information in a way that grabs attention and drives engagement.

Digital Shelf Edges

Enhance your displays with dynamic digital shelf edges. These customisable features present product information, prices, and promotions directly at the point of sale, improving customer engagement and providing a sleek, modern look that maintains a cohesive store appearance.

Nutritional & Allergen Info

Provide real-time updates on nutritional and allergen information. This ensures compliance with regulations and builds customer trust. By offering transparent and accessible information, you meet customer needs and enhance their shopping experience, fostering loyalty and satisfaction.

AI Solutions

Utilize advanced AI technology to optimise inventory management, product placement, and customer interactions. These intelligent solutions streamline operations, improve efficiency, and enhance the overall shopping experience by ensuring the right products are always available.

Real-Time Pricing Updates

Instantly adjust prices based on time of day, special promotions, or inventory levels. Whether implementing a lunchtime discount or a weekend special, our cabinets allow for dynamic pricing strategies that maximize revenue and keep your pricing competitive.

Interactive Sensors

Incorporate sensors to trigger specific content based on customer interactions. This personalised approach engages customers more effectively, providing a unique shopping experience that can adapt to individual preferences and behaviours.

Ad Revenue Opportunities

Offset the cost of your digital cabinets by displaying targeted advertisements. Partner with ad platforms to show ads to the right audience at the right place, at the right time. Turning your digital screens into additional revenue streams. This innovative approach helps cover the investment in digital technology while providing valuable marketing space.

Proven Expertise and Industry Partnerships

With over 400 cabinets deployed and strong partnerships with top brands, our expertise ensures reliable and effective solutions for the food-to-go market. Trust in our proven track record to deliver high-quality, scalable platforms that meet your business needs.

Comprehensive Support and Scalable Platforms

Theravada’s Digital Food To Go Cabinets are supported by a robust and secure platform, enabling remote diagnostics, enhanced security, and effective content delivery.

With continuous help desk support and nationwide engineering services, we ensure your operations remain seamless and efficient.

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