Digital Food-To-Go Cabinets

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Theravada is redefining the Food To Go sector with our cutting-edge Digital Food To Go Cabinets, designed to meet the evolving needs of the UK market.

As the food to go market is projected to grow significantly, our solutions provide a dynamic platform for showcasing products, promotions, and engaging customers more effectively.

Tailored Digital Solutions for Every Setting

Our Digital Food To Go Cabinets, available in ambient, chilled, temperature-controlled, and hot holding configurations, are customizable to fit any retail environment.

Whether you’re looking to introduce bespoke designs or integrate digital solutions into existing setups, Theravada delivers unparalleled flexibility and innovation.

Discover Our Options Below

Designed for products that require room temperature storage, our Ambient Digital Cabinets are perfect for showcasing non-perishable food items. These cabinets feature state-of-the-art digital displays for advertising, promotions, and product information, enhancing the visibility and appeal of your offerings.

Our Hot Holding Digital Cabinets are engineered to keep prepared food items at safe, ready-to-eat temperatures without compromising quality. These cabinets not only preserve the warmth and freshness of your food offerings but also feature digital displays for menu items, pricing updates, and nutritional information, making them perfect for on-the-go meals and quick service.

Ideal for a range of chilled products and especially drinks, these cabinets provide a vibrant, fresh and appealing solution. Whilst maintaining the product at optimal temperatures, dynamic digital interfaces allow for engaging customer interactions and attention grabbing promotions

For items requiring specific temperature ranges, our Temperature Controlled Digital Cabinets offer precise climate control. This versatility ensures that fresh or speciality products are displayed under ideal conditions, paired with digital screens for effective communication and marketing.

Proven Expertise and Industry Partnerships

With a proven track record of deploying over 400 Digital Cabinets across the UK and ROI, along with successful partnerships with leading brands such as Krispy Kreme, Tefcold, Counterline, Huel, and Eat Happy, Theravada’s expertise in the Food To Go market stands unparalleled.

Our commitment to leveraging advanced digital technology specifically addresses the unique challenges of hot holding and temperature control. This dedication ensures not only the reliability of our solutions but also maximizes customer satisfaction across various retail environments.

Customisation that Meets Evolving Demands

Customisation that Meets Evolving Demands

Our team of experts proactively monitors and maintains your IT environment, our cabinets can be provided with a multitude of design choices that allow your product to stay on brand.

From customised top to toe cabinet brand wraps, to headers and digital shelf edges that endorse your visual identity and engage your target audience, to content that can socialise product info and drive promotions that are proven to elevate the customer experience and drive your revenue.

Dynamic Display and Promotion Capabilities

Instantly update content to reflect promotions, nutritional information, and more.

Customer Experience Enhancement

Engage customers with visually appealing displays that provide valuable product insights.

Operational Efficiency

Streamline content management and eliminate the need for printed paper or manual updates with our centralised content system

Legislative Compliance

Easily update allergen and nutritional information in real-time, ensuring compliance with evolving regulations and changing products.

Food safety and consumer choice

The range of data that can be surfaced can include ingredients, allergen info, nutritional and calorific data. Most importantly, this is managed from one central point where any and all updates required can be instantly deployed.

Advanced Technology for Enhanced Customer Engagement

Our solutions leverage the latest in digital display technology to not only showcase your offerings but also provide vital product information, run promotions, offer meal deals or special offers and highlight sustainability efforts.

This level of engagement is crucial for meeting the demands of today’s consumers and driving sales.

Comprehensive Support and Scalable Platforms

Theravada’s Digital Food To Go Cabinets are supported by a robust and secure platform, enabling remote diagnostics, enhanced security, and effective content delivery.

With continuous help desk support and nationwide engineering services, we ensure your operations remain seamless and efficient.

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