Technical excellence underpinning a strong portfolio of innovative business solutions

Respond to market demand

Theravada’s technology portfolio has been built to drive efficiency through solutions and outsourced services that put our clients two steps ahead.

We put the time and effort into researching best-in-class solutions that meet our client’s unique needs so they don’t have to. Our market experience, underpinned by technical excellence means our clients can trust us to supply them with the world’s leading industry technologies.

Digital Signage

Modern, relevant signage, in line with customer expectations

Theravada’s Digital Signage solution is an electronic display platform that can be used to showcase products, services and convey key messages and promotions to customers in-store. Not only does Theravada provide the software to manage your digital content we also design and manufacture bespoke digital screens.

Drive Thru

Reassure customers and generate revenue with Drive Thru

From entryway Promotion Boards, Speaker Posts and Dual Menu Boards to Audio Systems, Car Detectors and optional Timing Systems, Theravada offers everything a brand needs to build a complete Drive Thru experience. No longer a solution just for enterprise fast-food businesses, Drive Thru can benefit casual dining and quick-service establishments alike; those adding the solution will find it to be an instant revenue generator.

Store and Hospitality Solutions

Store & Hospitality Solutions

Theravada provide complete end-to-end store solutions from design to delivery from one accountable partner.

Kitchen Display Systems

Automated Kitchen Systems to streamline back of house

Automated Kitchen Systems to streamline back of house, drive efficiency and raise the customer experience.