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Theravada’s technology portfolio has been built to drive efficiency through solutions and outsourced services that put our clients two steps ahead.

We put the time and effort into researching best-in-class solutions that meet our client’s unique needs so they don’t have to. Our market experience, underpinned by technical excellence means our clients can trust us to supply them with the world’s leading industry technologies.

Brand Enhancing

Develop your technology suite and differentiate your brand

Transform your brand by enhancing the customer experience and streamlining business operations. From kitchen management to digital ordering and signage, Theravada’s brand enhancing solutions grant valuable insights into business, keep services running smoothly and result in true revenue growth.

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Customer Experience

Improve communication and provide new levels of personalisation

A positive customer experience leads to greater loyalty and increased customer spend. Theravada’s portfolio includes hardware and software that allows customers to relax. Whether improving communication with Guest Pagers or optimising services via our Waiter Call solution, we help you discreetly manage operations.

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Social Distancing

Improve communication and provide new levels of personalisation

As restrictions on businesses lift, operators will have to place fresh emphasis on health and safety in order to attract custom and encourage trust. Theravada’s suite of technologies makes your business transformation an easy one, helping you return to profitability and grow your brand while protecting staff and customers alike.

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